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Developer Vlog #2

Welcome to the weekly developer blog for Lumpy Studios. The main focus this week is learning to stick to one project.

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Developer Vlog #1

In the Vlog this week; the new website is unveiled, starting a new project (sort of) and what happened to project survive? 

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The Singleton Pattern : Too Easy Not to Abuse?


What is the Singleton? 

The singleton pattern can be a rather technical software engineering topic to tackle and certainty not one I'm going to exhaust in a single blog post. But don’t let the technical nature of the singleton class structure put you off.

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A Unity Event is Worth Attending


A Relatable Experience  

There is a famous story of the great philosopher and scientist Archimedes. As it is told; whilst stepping into a warm bath intending to relax after a long day of musings, Archimedes noticed the water in the tub began to rise. In fact it rose more and more the further he immersed himself. After pausing for a moment to ponder this; he leapt out of the tub and without so much as thought to clothe himself, ran into the streets screaming “Eureka! Eureka”.  

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